Ruger – SR9 e


Ruger Model SR9e, Striker fired, Full Size, 9 MM, 4.10″ Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black finish, Fixed Sights, 17Rd, 1 Magazine

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Like the SR9 the 9E is a striker-fired pistol with a trigger safety. It uses the same grip, with a railed dust cover, interchangeable flat and curved backstraps, an ambidextrous manual safety and an ambi mag release. The magazines are the same, 17+1, although it only ships with one magazine.

The bottom half of the 9E has a lot in common with the SR9 but the slide assembly is all different. While it’s similar in function, weight, and has the same length barrel, it has angular cuts and less machining than the SR9 to cut production costs and machine time.

The slide and barrel are ported to allow users to visually confirm if there’s a round in the chamber. Many people prefer this system as it lacks any moving parts and can’t really malfunction.

Lastly, the 9E comes with fixed sights.

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Magazine Capacity

17 rounds

Number of Magazines Included