Kahr – CT9


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The fit on the CT9 is the same as any of Kahr’s higher end pistols I have handled and shot. Even the internals are the same as the high end models. The biggest difference between the high end and value line is the additional machine work on the slide, the higher grade surface finish on the slide, milled vs cast slide release, and the more expensive metal sights versus the polymer versions. If you want a little more contoured pistol with a bit better finish and more durable sights, the higher end models may be a better choice, however for the majority of us who just need a gun for CCW and home defense, the extra luxury is not required or needed
Comparing even these “Value” lines to the competition, you see some huge differences. The slides and barrels for instance are machined from stainless steel instead of standard carbon ordnance grade steel. The slide release is an actual dimensionally manufactured part versus being a stamped part. The sublimely awesome trigger is actually metal versus being polymer as are the magazines. Even the recoil spring is a stainless double captive spring recoil assembly.

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