Canik – TP9 sa


Canik TP9 sa, Single Action Only, Full Size, 9 MM, 4.47″ Barrel, Polymer Frame, black or FDE color available, Fixed Sights, 18Rd, 2 Magazines, holster, hardcase, speed loader

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Canik’s TP9SA is nearly identical to its TP9 that has been out for years, but the TP9 is actually a DA/SA, striker-fired gun. This format is pretty darn rare, with the Walther P99 likely being the most notable pistol using that action. In fact, the TP9 is considered a P99 clone. The TP9SA, as you may have guessed from the model designation, is a true single action firearm. The only function that pulling the trigger serves is to release the striker. It doesn’t cock it or even partially cock it, which is why the trigger pull can be so short and crisp.

This pistol features a hard case, two magazines, 17rd. capacity, holster, and speed loader.  A decocking feature is available also on all TP9 models.


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Magazine Capacity

16 rounds

Number of Magazines Included