FFL Transfers

Buying firearms online has never been easier.  Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Purchase your gun from any number of online retailers, like GunBroker.com or Budsgunshop.com.
  2. Contact Juggernaut Arms.  Via Email Greg@JuggernautArms.com or Phone: (775) 358-8130.
  3. We will then send out a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) to seller of your firearm.
  4. When the firearm arrives at our store we’ll call you the same day.

Note: Sales tax is collected on the purchase price of the firearm (Washoe County tax 8.265%)  If this is a gift please have the sender include a gift letter with the package.

Sales tax: Collection- To keep the cost of Transfers at $25, we ask that Debit/Cash be used for all expenses pertaining to the Transfer.  For guns purchases exceeding $1,000, cash is a requirement.

Note: Budsgunshop.com, Tombstone Tactical, Atlantic Firearms, Classic Firearms, Prepper Gunshop, all have us on file as a preferred dealer, feel free to “skip step 2.”  If you’re tracking your package, feel free to stop in during normal business hours to pick it up (same day is perfectly fine, no delay is required).

Juggernaut Arms accepts all incoming transfers.  The rate per background check is as follows
$25 first firearm / $15 Second firearm $10 for every additional firearm on the same 4473 form.

If a customer does not have CCW issued after 7/1/2011 then a $25 background check fee must be collected with each transfer.

P.O. Boxes on Drivers licenses will not work for proof of Nevada residency for Handgun transfers.  Government issued documents with current address (DMV Registration, Fishing license) will work.


  • Transfer fee $25
  • Background check $25
  • Sales Tax 8.265%
  • Include Gift Letter